everything french

 I couldn't tell you why I'm fascinated by all things French
but it was hard to pass up these two books 
when I stumbled on them in a thrift store.
(The bottom one is actually "from Holland".)
Sunday while at Barnes and Noble (see my prior post),
I thumbed through the 2011 Fall-Winter issue of Country French
I jotted down descriptive phrases that stood out to me
as much or more than the pictures...
"marries the routine with the refined"
"practical sophistication"
"understated elegance"
"stylish serendipity"
"graceful composure"
"captivating maturity"

I think those phrases capture why I'm intrigued
by everything French...


  1. Tres bien, Rebecca. I think you need to plan a trip to "gay Par-ee." Then you would definitely be immersed in all things French! Nice find on the books. Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

  2. Wonderful books and those are some dreamy words I can see why you were enchanted!! Enjoy your new stories ~Love Heather


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