symphony of blues

 Sunday.  Barnes and Noble.  My "Inspiration Station".
The September 2011 issue of House Beautiful was definitely
my favorite of the six or seven magazines I selected to peruse.
 This particular article was filled with inspiring interior shorts.
It was the color, the arrangement of furniture, the shuttered windows,
and the fact though the blues didn't match - they worked 
(see the subtitle)!

It cost me nothing to dream.  
I came home inspired and ready
to enjoy my OWN Symphony of Blues. -->
It was a chic way to spend an afternoon.

With what magazine have YOU dreamed lately?


  1. Gorgeous and blue is my favorite color! You're right it costs nothing to dream and is a pleasant way to spend the day.

  2. oh very nice pictures!! I love that top room. I can't wait to get my sewing machine here the textiles here are really awful the towels literally turn into shreds in the washer. It is impossible to find bath mats as well...and the pillows are all very small I love a big pillow like the ones in the top picture!! I like the mix of colors also ~its fun looking at home books isn't it! Love Heather

  3. WOW... I never look thru House Beautiful Mag because it never looks as though it would have the contents of my Style... but this issue, I'll have to see for myself now! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by... yeah, that Lebanese Lovely was SO VERY ME wasn't it?! *winks* I think it had just come in since Shelly didn't even have it on display or priced yet, so I'm glad I spied it & she gave me such a killer deal on it that I went Home floating on Cloud 9! *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. When my daughter visited a few months back, she asked, "Do you have any magazines that don't have 'Country' in the title?" I had to laugh. Oh, I LOVE decorating magazines and have stacks and stacks of them--decorating books too. I have recently purchased: 'fresh style', 'Romantic Country', subscribed to 'fresh home', bought 'Restore, Recycle Repurpose' (book), and checked out from the library: Mary Jane's Farm, Victoria, Country Living, and Better Homes and Gardens. I was upset when Country Home and Domino ceased publication. I've always enjoyed House Beautiful, Veranda, and many others. Yes, such inspiration! Gets the creative juices flowing! Nothing makes me happier than a stack of new decorating magazines, a comfy chair, good light, and free time! Oh yes, your blues look great!

  5. I loved that kitchen, too -- and investigated the tiles but then thought I would get rather tired of it . . .

    Yes, the Kansas State Fair is still in Hutch. I'm not sure when, however.

  6. I like the blue kitchen and the shade of blue on those shutters very much.

    I'm currently looking through about half a dozen copies of "Cloth, Paper, Scissors". They are older copies that were given to me but they are full of new-to-me ideas.


  7. I looked at this very same magazine yesterday in a dentist's office! I also loved it! Mississippi


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