Today I'm celebrating the chic-ness of a "splurge".  Now I know that $1.39 on what some might consider a necessity may not seem like a splurge...but if you knew how long I've been putting off this purchase, you'd understand the word "thrifty" in the header of my blog! What a luxury!  Now I have one for the purse AND one for the table beside my favorite chair.  What bliss.

And this is what I'm wearing to church today...
Everything purchased at one time or another
in a thrift store.
All of it waiting in my closet
to be worn...

I like the crispness and versatility of navy blue.
Worn with red and white stripes,
all I lack are the STARS!


  1. Well, mine is not exactly like that but I
    couldn't do without my nail file close by.
    If you have long nails you just must keep
    a file nearby.

  2. Well, YOU are the star, Rebecca! Very nice outfit. Glad you got your file. I WISH I were more thrifty but I have an addictive personality. ha! Susan

  3. I miss so much with my out of date computer .. I can only see the pic of you in the lovely outfit .. so was wondering .. hum ?? what did she splurge on .. but Sandy gave away the answer. Hope you have a blessed day.

  4. Nail files scattered throughout the house (and car) are a necessity. I have an old favorite that is pretty well done for and can't find the same one again. Love the outfit - both pieces are very versatile. Enjoy the cooler weather!

  5. Great look love the nautical theme ......Navy looks really good with red and white stripes ~Have a wonderful and restful Sunday :) Love Heather

  6. Ah, I can sense the Thrill Of The Hunt for fab deals is strong in you too! *winks* Thanks for stopping by my Photo Sentimental Journey... those Peacock 'books' are actually cleverly disguised boxes! I found them in a craft store called HOBBY BARN and they were ON SALE 40% OFF!! There was one other smaller sized one & I might go back & see if they still have it so that I'll have the complete set, I just fell in Love with the Graphics & am always on the lookout for unique storage.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. I love your outfit... and your splurge..

  8. I love how you get excited over having two nail files. I got equally excited when I found a cheap package of brown emery boards. Since they don't hand them out when I go to vote anymore, I have to buy my own.

    Your outfit looks gteat. You look very patriotic. Have a great Labor Day.


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