No-Cost Entertainment

 The nearby County Extension Garden,
 maintained by Master Gardeners,
 was our destination this first day of autumn.
 Free, beautiful, and exceptionally lush today...
we acquainted ourselves with new plants,
revisited the familiar,
 and marveled at the textures, colors, and groupings.
 So many no-cost and low-cost entertainment possibilities exist.
Sometimes all it takes is a little initiative to discover them.


  1. That's nice you went to the gardens, Rebecca. I love going to see different vegetation, etc. Rained here today, though, so it wouldn't have been a good day to go. Take care and have a nice weekend. Susan

  2. I enjoy strolling through public gardens, always find something interesting. And free? You betcha!


  3. Such a beautiful garden. It would be wonderful if you linked to my meme, Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. What a beautiful tour, Rebecca! You are right, no cost entertainment can be the very best!! My fav is actually a picnic in my own yard! lol!!


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