a perfect and simple autumn pleasure

I'm still working on the "presentation" part...
but I've got the "basics" mastered!
I enjoy serving our "dumplings" in these thrifted blue and white bowls.
Years ago when I asked my grandmother her recipe for DELICIOUS apple dumplings,
her eyes twinkled and she shared her "secret"--the  Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.
Page 171 in my old copy*...
They're economical,
and a simple autumn meal.  
We enjoy ours with with milk.
A few slices of cheddar cheese and a cup of decaf coffe
and we're good to go!
*I substitute brown sugar for white sugar, leave the peel on the sliced apples,
and recently have been rolling out the dough
and constructing our dumplings like a cinnamon roll.
This particular batch was made with whole wheat flour.
(I had it measured out before I remembered
I'd filled the flour canister with whole wheat flour.)
Be kind.
 Remember - this is a 40 year old page!!!
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  1. I searched your recipe link for the dumplings but couldn't find it. Am I overlooking it?
    This looks yummy, Rebecca.

  2. Jackie, It is in my old Better Home and Garden Cookbook! The one I received as a wedding gift 40 years ago.

  3. Thank you!! I can click on the pages and see the recipe now. I couldn't see it before. Thank you, thank you!!!!

  4. They look fabulous, Rebecca. Problem with me is that's I'd want to eat ALL of them. Take care. Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

  5. Susan, Thankfully, with me it is a seasonal urge with me. And after a couple rounds of them, it's out of my system. I hardly think about them until the first hint of autumn 12 months later.

  6. Rebecca....I received your response on my blog, and I e-mailed you my e-mail addresses.

  7. Any apple dumpling is a treat in the fall! Looks good enough to me! Have you ever made the ones with Mountain Dew?

  8. WOW! I LOVE this post Rebecca and will definitely try this! Beeeautiful and I love that you shared your cookbook with us too! Mmmmm PERFECT!

  9. Hey you have white punkins!!!


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