thrift store chic?

The more I think about it, 
the more sure I am that there is not a whole lot that is
"chic" about me.
I WANT to be chic.
I admire chic in others.
But I'm not.
Once I looked up "chic" in the dictionary.
I can't remember what it means.
I only have a general idea.
This morning as I put a fresh table cloth on the table, 
I took a look around the room.  
If there is ANY chic here,
it's all THRIFT STORE chic!
I don't know.
Is there such a thing?


  1. Oh yes, there is thrift store chic for sure!
    I love your tablecloth, esp. with your white woods. Nothing like an autumnal plaid for getting us ready for leaves and pumpkins.

  2. Oh for sure you are most definitely thrift store chic!! But why define yourself by one thing anyways your style is fabulous. I think we are kindred in that I like all sorts of things but mostly I enjoy having things around me that I fancy....just like you when you find something you like you pick it up and make it work and it becomes your treasure....And you have a beautiful home all with beautiful treasures hand picked with love by you!! ~Have a wonderful day today our thursday is almost over here :) ~Love Heather

  3. Doesn't matter, it is chic! I love your style, it's beautiful and you makes such pretty vignettes, I've seen them before too. I don't care sometimes where you get it from, our treasures come from various places! Hugs, FABBY

  4. Hi Rebecca. Chic is chic, whether it's thrift store chic or Neiman Marcus. Your table looks chic! Susan from

  5. I don't know "chic".. but I know what I like .. and I really like your taste and your room looks wonderful!!

  6. The thing about thrift store chic is that it is made up of pieces that many others have loved. You put it with your heirlooms and treasures and there is something more chic than when some ritzy store places all of their fine china and new wares all together. Often theirs is too matchy matchy. Yours is elegant and has an artists eye about it.

  7. Amazing things.......

    Just passing by to wish you a fantastic weekend and a time full of blessings and tell you that I miss you my friend.

    Lots of love

  8. I really like your white shelves with the white ceramics on it. I remember when you did a post on that shelf. Your home looks very comfy, inviting and shows that an interesting lady lives there!

  9. Just discovered your blog, and am really enjoying it. We must be kindred spirits, because I also love thrift shopping.
    I have a step-back cabinet almost identical to yours, that we got at an auction. It has a "bonnet" on top though. The shutters in my family room are just like yours, and from the seventies. We also have floor lamps, antique chairs, etc. Lots of antiques!
    Love your house.

  10. All I know is our homes are uniquely ours when we thrift shop. Not cookie cutter and boring like people's are to me when they only shop new. I feel a kin with the other wives who have used the mixing bowls, aprons and such I now use. Each thing was picked out through the years cause we loved it and the price was certainly right. It is the best way to live. :) Sarah


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