cornflower blue--still my style!

 This morning I baked some banana bread, choosing a Corningware bread pan.
It's pattern is the same as several casserole dishes
we received as wedding gifts in 1971.
 Since then, I have collected many other pieces--larger and smaller casserole dishes,
 coffee and tea pots,
 three sizes of handled "skillets",
and a pie plate, too.  Somewhere...
 ...and even some utensils!
Thrift stores are my primary sources.
Glass lids are the hardest items to find.
Cornflower Blue is the name of my pattern--the first design released,
as well as the one produced in the most quantity.
This simple decoration became the trademark pattern for over thirty years.
The handles were quite small and the earliest pieces had sloped sides.  
After 1972 the sides became straighter and the handles became larger. 
I keep my eyes open for this pattern while thrift store shopping.  
I use many of these from time to time--like this morning for instance!


  1. I was married in 1970 and I have a lot of pieces of this too. It wears like iron! It is a durable set of dishware that lasts forever.

  2. I still bake my banana bread in mine. Have been picking up some smaller sizes at yard sales to microwave in (better to microwave in glass than plastic)I do think you have more though :)

  3. U love this pattern, Rebecca!
    My mother had it in our kitchen when we were kids.
    I am impressed how white and nicely all of your items look after all these years!
    Thanks for the memories.

  4. Oops. Meant to say....."I love this pattern"!!!

  5. I think I have two casserole dishes in this pattern. They are great dishes.

  6. I have lots of those corn flower blue corning ware thingies! I pick them up at yard sales all the time!

  7. Oh, you have so many wonderful pieces! I only had a few casserole dishes and a roaster. My Mom had the coffee pot too and the utensils.
    'Love your collection! Enjoy!
    Love and Prayers,

  8. You have a great collection. I like the pattern but somehow have never owned any. The only Corning Ware I have is plain white. That coffee pot would look perfect sitting on my stove tho. (Blue and white kitchen here)


  9. Look at your collection! I love it. The cooking utensils with matching handles is just over the top Rebekah. Yes, you are often over the top... just one of the reasons visiting you is such a fun part of my morning!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. "The Pyrex Collective II" blog is open to anyone to post and I'm sure they would love to see your collection! I got some for our wedding, too. And I've picked up more over the years as well! It looks nice in your home. Beth K. ps I warn you that the blog may tempt you to start another collection!

  11. Those bring back a lot of memories! My grandmother had a full set.

    Thank you for still reading, Rebecca. Sorry I have not been around much lately. Hopefully things will change. :)

  12. Awww, I love those cornflower pieces! My mom had a bunch of them when we were growing up.

  13. We have a blue and white Pyrex set, but it is oval and has dots on it. We have an orange and brown set and a Corning ware set with multicolored tulips that matched our dishes. These were all wedding presents from 1973. I wish we had of gotten some of the tuquoise and white sets.

    I think your cornflower dishes are lovely. You must have lots of fun collecting them.

  14. Well.... first I love banana bread!!!!! Can I have a slice please.... lol ;)

    And that's a wonderful pattern, nice collection.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend dear.


  15. Hi rebecca-wow, what an amazing collection you've built up, the pattern is forever stylish and a gorgeous colour way too! Hope you and your family are well and wishing you a lovely weekend xxxx

  16. I love blue and white and I DID have some of those same dishes -- but sadly, no longer! You have a wonderful collection.

  17. I have several of the Cornflower dishes. Use them all the time, especially the quart-sized ...excellent for microwaving vegetable servings for two, and leftovers for one or two.

  18. Oh yeah, I remember that pattern, have a small casserole dish w/lid! I first married in 1975 and my pattern was a viney-green and red vegetable pattern, which I'll grab if I happen to see a dish that's not too scratched up.

  19. A walk down memory lane in my grandma's kitchen :) I have the same elect. percolator that she once used. Love it.

  20. We too were married in i970 as others have said they were. We still have our set and added to it through the years. When we got it for wedding presents I sure thought they would get broken...but none of them ever did! Love the pie plates in it too. Sarah

  21. Sorry,..I forgot to add...I thought years ago they had a recall on the tall coffee holder. People were finding the glue or what ever held the metal around the top was coming off while being used. Check the net and see. Sarah


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