Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

By the end of this week, I am determined to have made some of my own laundry detergent following the directions of a trusted friend.  Click here to see Kathy's formula.  I have seen other similar recipes and have been curious, but this time I KNOW the source personally.  So I'll be off to gather Fels Naptha soap, washing soda, and Borax powder from the grocery shelves in the next couple of days.

The final trigger was seeing the Fels Naptha post at An Affordable Wardrobe.  Apparently it is a stain remover to rival even my current favorite, Spray and Wash Stain Stick.  I should have enough of the soap bar left after making my detergent to experiment on stains!

By the way, the saying in the title is said by some to have come from ancient Hebrew writings. However, its first appearance in English - though in slightly altered form - seems to be in the writings of Francis Bacon. In his 'Advancement of Learning' (1605) he wrote: 'Cleanness of body was ever deemed to proceed from a due reverence to God.'  About two centuries later John Wesley in one of his sermons (1791) indicated that the proverb was already well known in the form we use today. Wrote Wesley: 'Slovenliness is no part of religion.'Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness.'  From "Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins" by William and Mary Morris (HarperCollins, New York, 1977, 1988).


  1. I love making and using that homemade laundry detergent. I use Zote soap instead of Fels Naptha. Love the scent of it all, very clean smelling.


  2. Good luck with the detergent "recipe," Rebecca. Now is making it for a savings or what? I think I'd just rather go buy some detergent on sale at the Dollar store. Anyway, take care. Sincerely, Susan from

  3. Susan, according to Kathy's calculations, it is less expensive than cheap detergent! Check out her post.

  4. FlowerLady, I'll have to see if I can find Zote!

  5. I'll be interested in your experience with this. I do have a bar of Fels Naptha soap that I use on heavy stains when I remember to. It can be a little hard to find around here.


  6. I've made this detergent recently and I am quite satisfied with it. It is definitely less expensive than purchasing detergent off shelf, liquid or powder. I've used the Fels Naptha soap also, although I've heard of one recipe calling for using your old skinny soap slivers. Next, I want a home made replacement for Cascade--that stuff is expensive!


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