The Color Blue

This jacket and matching blouse are lightweight, but I like the color they bring to my black skirt.  They were gifts to me last summer.  The skirt is out of my closet, thrifted years ago.

Three strands of pearls are my accessories.

I teach a women's Sunday School class and like the simple lines of this outfit for my up-front responsibility today.


  1. I'm jealous of your height. :-)

    I like the clean lines of this outfit, too. Blue looks lovely on you.

  2. Rebecca, my dear, hope all is great with you.
    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and left me such nice and lovely comments despite I'm being desappeared for blogging.
    You're a sweet friend!
    I like you in blue, blue is going to be such a great colour for Spring/Summer... you're fashion foward :o)

    Love to you

  3. Love, love that blue color!
    one of my favorites! It looks beautiful on you!
    ps. I enjoy the nature sounds... makes me long for springtime ♥

  4. This is a lovely outfit for you to wear while teaching your class. The jacket and blouse are my absolute favorite shade of blue. Those were a great gift!


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