New Fashion Frontier for Me

(See why I call my fashion awakening a Wii on my other blog....)

In addition to the wooden candlestick in my previous post, I bought this poncho/cape at "my" thrift store yesterday.  I don't remember wearing anything like this before, so it is a little awkward figuring out how to drape it (there is a hole for one's head to go through).  I welcome all gentle suggestions.

I like the color (hot pink) and have teamed it with a necklace/earring set that was also thrifted or purchased at a garage sale - I can't remember which!


  1. WOW Rebecca. You are the pizazz in that cape. I LOVE it. Looks red on my computer screen but hot pink is gorgeous too. Great way to start the new year! Thanks for sharing. If you lived near me or visa versa, we would have fun going to thrifties! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. I think the way you have it draped in the picture is perfect, sort of a very casual look yet elegant. 'Love it!
    Love you!,

  3. Hi Rebecca, Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your friends and family. I've been having fun going through your recent blogs and saw a lot of great outfits.

    I love the poncho you have on, I've been thinking of getting one too. You look great in it.

    Have a great evening, Bonnie

  4. Hi there-Happy new year to you my dear and I must say the poncho looks fabulous, you've got this style nailed!!

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhh. You're all so nice. I'm wearing it this morning to my husband's heart procedure with a belt and gray skirt & gray stockings. I think it looks pretty great.


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