Getting Down to Business

A no-nonsense outfit for serious business today!
I have a get-it-done mindset this morning and this outfit  "feels" right.

Black top, (WalMart, on sale - actually the tops I bought for all the girls in our family to wear for our annual Christmas photo)
Gold belt, thrifted
Black and white Pendleton skirt, thrifted
Gray stockings
Black shoes

Looks like I need a necklace yet.  I'll DO that!


  1. Very chic.

    I'm hoping your "get-it-done mindset" is contagious and that I will catch it here!

  2. Looks like you are ready for business,Rebecca. Have a great day! Sincerely, Susan from

  3. Very serious looking indeed! Love how sleek you look.

  4. Don't know what you're doing today, but you look great! Did you make the necklace a gold one to match the belt? I love the way, even when you are jut going about town, you dress yourself up Rebecca. I'm home many days with my grands here, but I always try to put on something presentable and I do makeup and hair. I just find I feel more ready for the day. I always spruce myself up too just before hubby is due home.

  5. Jacquelyn, I sure DID! (necklace-gold). Though "just a homemaker", like you, I dress up more than most people daily, I think. If just "feels better".

  6. Hi Rebecca, long time no visit! I've been reviewing all the posts that I've missed and I have to first say how much I love the new look of your blog and I find the header most amusing!

    Remember the plaid coats you posted about did we used to call those "car coats?" I used to love those.

    Will try to be a more faithful about my visits!


  7. Bonnie, I'm not sure I've heard them called that? We used to call short,lined, winter coats "car coats". I think because you could scoot into the driver's seat easier than with a full-length coat.

  8. This is a very chic, almost Parisienne look! Suits you to a tee!

    I'm dedicating a week of shoes to you, Rebecca! ;)

  9. Hi there-this is a very sleek chic look, you really suit this length skirt!! Look forward to seeing your take on the double denim too!


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