The Day after the Massachusetts Election

Yes, I follow politics. No, I'm not a resident of Massachusetts.

It was warm enough to take this picture on our front porch this morning.  I'm wearing the $.50 top (Fieldgear) that I found at the closest thrift store yesterday along with a brand new red candle, a Henri Nouwen paperback, and two 24" men's shoestrings for a grand total of $2.14.

A thrifted pink belt and scarf complete this at-home outfit.  My plans for today keep me close to home.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pink, Rebecca. Of course, that's my favorite color. It looks GREAT on you. I think that is my fave outfit for you so far! Pink is such a happy color. And you look so nice and slim and trim. Good for YOU! Yeah, the election is over and now we must all wait and see. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. What a nice bright top and what a nice little price you had to pay for it.


  3. Hi there-thats a great colour top and I love the accessories you're wearing too!!

  4. wow you are really looking great lady! Love that pink...I have a sweater that color too. You always get me so desirous of thrift store shopping...I've GOT to make some time!

  5. You must have some great thrift stores in your area. Love this top and at that price you can't beat it.


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