Another plaid skirt with a lighter background than the one I wore a couple of days ago...
Deep red T-shirt
Burgundy jacket 
When I couldn't get a good match on top, I decided to throw in a third shade of the red family in the form of a
Bright red belt
The necklace also has beads of a red shade and one large gold bead--the color of the belt buckle.

Many years ago, a furniture store in a small town near the place we lived was going out of business.  I needed a lamp and found this one at a very, very good price.  I have never been sorry I purchased it.  It has occupied various places in various homes we've lived in and always cast a beautiful light on any subject it graces.

I saw a similar lamp shade on Susan's blog yesterday, and it reminded me of this purchase and the pleasure of it.  I went in and took a picture of it immediately!


  1. Oh Rebecca! That is awesme. I think it might be the same shade!!! Isn't that the pizazz? Is it pink? I'll bet it was from Cracker Barrel origially! Wowsers. We have similar tastes in lampshades! Hope your day goes well. Off to swim! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Susan, I couldn't remember where I saw it when I posted this morning. It comes back to me now. My memory is really slipping (but then I cram quite a bit into it....).

    Mine is definitely a wine or burgundy color. Not pink.

  3. I had an old lamp that needed a shade and I found one like this except it was fort of satiny white. Loved it until one Christmas I had a candle burning a little too close to the fringe! Singed a whole area right off! I love the color of yours!


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