What I Wore To My First Cardioversion

This morning I belted the new poncho/cape and wore it with a skirt and ankle boots.
It kept me warm and comfortable in the somewhat chilly room where I waited while my husband underwent a cardioversion.  (The procedure was successful for the time being.  We are prayerful and hopeful that the normal rhythm to which his heartbeat was restored will continue.)

I like the belted look!  Thanks for the suggestion (another benefit of blogging)!


  1. You are so very thin!!! What prompted you to loose the weight? How long did it take you to loose almost 40 lbs? That's so amazing because I find as I get older...it's much more difficult to get the weight off!!! You are an inspiration!!!

  2. Good news about your husband's cardioversion. I really like the belted poncho, show your nice figure and looks so put together.


  3. Love this combo!!! Looks so chic!!

  4. I was just browsing around your blog
    today looking and reading things I
    had not read before. I saw the cape/
    poncho and loved it. But what really
    got my attention was your husband
    having a cardioversion. I just wanted
    to ask what is that and though that
    was in January, is he well today?
    Certainly hope so. He looks like
    such a healthy man.


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