Suit-able for Sunday

This morning, in addition to teaching a class, I'll be filling in on the Praise and Worship "team".  I wanted to wear something that would be attractive but not call attention to "ME"!

I decided to wear this matched skirt and top purchased a few months ago at a church sale.  I don't think I've worn it yet. It is extremely well-made but very plain.  There is a side open pleat in the skirt.  The top buttons down.  It is dark "army-green" in color.

I decided to wear it with a gold belt and a gold & silver brooch.


  1. Very nice, Rebecca. Classy, too. May your day be blessed. Sincerely, Susan at

  2. I like it and it is good of you to want to not be too distracting.

    Hope your service goes well. By fluke I ended up staying home this morning because son needs to leave early due to weather and he asked me to do a few things for him while he went to Sunday school.

  3. The dark green color sounds beautiful. I love how the touches of gold add something a little special to what you're wearing without being too eye-catching, per your intention.

  4. Thank you, Rebecca. I'm not really too sick - just miserably congested when I'm not doped up on Sudafed. I'm drinking a lot of water and tea. Thanks for asking! :)


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