I'm Smiling!

I'm working at it!  Smiling when I take a picture.  Elaine gave me some great tips yesterday - like "curl up the sides of your mouth and snap it." 
  • Maybe I'm smiling because I really like wearing scarves now - in fact, I feel a little naked without them!
  • Maybe I'm smiling because you can't see my lined, cuffed, woolen navy blue Talbot slacks which are just a tad short for this season.
  • Maybe I'm smiling because my husband's pulse remains back to normal and because of the thrifted pocket square he wore in his thirfted jacket pocket on Tuesday.
  • Maybe I'm smiling because of the twenty-five cent round pillow I found yesterday at an estate sale!  It SO matches the tiny one next to it on my "birthday chair".

I definitely have a lot to smile about today!


  1. Oh Rebecca! Lots of reasons for you to smile today. And it's wonderful to see you doing it! Love the scarf and shirt color as well as the pillows! Have a great day! Sincerely, Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

  2. You have a lovely tentative smile. Keep doing it and maybe even notch it up a tad. :-)

    It is always GREAT thrifting goodies.


  3. What's the old saying? "Smile...it makes people wonder what you've been up to"!! I think smiling makes us look...and feel...younger! That color looks great on you! So glad your hubby is doing better!!!

  4. You have a beautiful smile! Wear it proudly! Sometimes I force myself to laugh or think of a silly joke or something so the smile looks more natural. :) But, I admit, it can feel pretty awkward holding a smile while I'm waiting for the time on my camera to go off! Haha!

    I see your a fan of John Piper! He's amazing, isn't he!? Mark Driscoll is another of my favorites. Have you heard of him? :)

  5. You have plenty of reasons to smile. I hope you find a reason or two everyday.

    Great eye to find the matching pillow!



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