Low Heels Week

For Sheila who is graciously dedicating this "low heels week" to ME after my comment about feeling "blah" because I can't wear those fabulous high-heeled ones.  I can't wait to see all of her posts.  (I've blurred this picture deliberately after seeing something in the background I couldn't crop out!)

Today I'm wearing the same shirt as yesterday with:
   2 fine gold chains (necklaces)
   Plaid skirt
   Olive green stockings
   Thin black belt
                   and SHOES - low-heeled, black pumps!

...all thrifted at one time or another except the shirt which I explained yesterday!


  1. I am mad about plaid right now and that skirt is beautiful.

    I can wear high heels but usually choose to wear flats. Why be uncomfortable? I would rather stride quickly through life in my flats, than shuffle painfully in high heels!

  2. Very nice, Rebecca. The skirt looks very Scottish. Have a great day! Sincerely, Susan

  3. Plaid is a fab trend which always seem to be in style!! I love heels, but don't wear them often!!

  4. I'm mad about plaid too--mad that I got rid of my red plaid skirt a couple years ago!! This looks really good! I probably would have done black stockings, but that's just me. I don't think I own any other color! Just look at that little waist line! Good for you! Oh, I only wear low heels too. For years I wore higher ones because I'm so short...but I just can't anymore!

  5. Loving your blog! Could you post bigger and brighter pictures?

  6. Teri, If I knew how, I would! I only use my cell phone camera (3 megapixels); I take pictures into a full-length mirror, download them into Picasa where I need to crop them.... I'm not real computer savvy so if you have any suggestions, I'm open to them.

  7. Hello Rebecca, I don't think I've stumbled upon your blog before, but thank you for your kind comment! In my opinion, you look absolutely beautiful in your long skirts - you have the length to your figure that allows you to pull it off. I am amazed at how many beautiful, classy looks you create from your thrifted items. What a huge inspiration you are.

  8. Rebecca, thank you so much for the mention! I am having fun with the low heels this week, but I'm getting antsy for my high heels!



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