I Can't Believe I Did It!

After you hear what I've done, I may lose all my blogging friends!  This was a one-piece Land's End turtleneck dress with an elastic waistband.  Thrifted, of course.  I could see that it was not going to get a second wear in its existing state.

So today while listening to the Webinar I have been "attending" all week, I took a scissors to it!  I cut it just above the elastic waistband, leaving myself an instant skirt.  I evened off the bottom of the top and trimmed off the turtleneck collar - and voila!  A casual two-piece outfit!

I wore it the rest of the day with brown tights, a dark amber necklace (strung double) and several amber-colored bangle bracelets. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Pretty daring for an old lady, huh?  Have YOU ever done anything so odd as this?


  1. Love the oufit. I somehow missed the cute outfit from yesterday.

    You are quite the daring woman! Good for you.

  2. Good for you, Rebecca. We MUST be daring, until we take our very last breath. Otherwise, life can get so, mundane! Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Susan

  3. Hi there-I agree its a lovely outfit, good diy job my dear!!

  4. I once turned a pair of jeans into a denim skirt by undoing the leg seams and adding triangular panels. Nice.

  5. Thanks for the support, friends! I have heard of turning jeans into a skirt but have never tried it.

    Yes, Susan, we MUST be daring :)

  6. Great revamp! I love getting the scissors out and making something more wearable.
    You look fabulous, well done for being brave.

  7. Your new outfit looks quite nice. Your are a brave woman. I've cut the neck off/out of a few regular t-shirts because I don' t like something right around my neck. I don't mind the way the remaining neckline kind of ravels or rolls. Have yet to try cutting a dress although I posted a pic of a white one awhile ago that I thought I might cut up.


  8. Rebecca,

    Years ago a Home Economics teacher often said that a slip of the scissors resulted in some of the most creative designs. I think you've proved that!


  9. you are so funny! The only clothing I ever took scissors to was back when I was pregnant and the pants just got too tight around the middle. I was at work, and I cut snips all around the front of the waistband for instant relief!


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