Showing My Stripes

Today I'm wearing my black corduroy skirt with a cheerful green and white striped T.

I'll be volunteering at a nearby thrift store this afternoon - helping the cashier bag clothing, etc.  I wonder what I'll find for myself?!

A double strand of pearls fills in the neckline.

Yesterday someone noted that I didn't post my entire outfit. Well, if you look closely, you can see me walking the labyrinth in my long denim skirt,white blouse, and brooch-laden black denim vest!  You can read more about this experience on some of my other blogs.
One the way home from our three hour retreat, we stopped at a thrift store.  This plate was all I found.  I have a stack of blue and white patterned plates sitting on my kitchen counter.  I use them everyday.  I buy them when I see them.


  1. Oh, aren't you such a stylish lady? That skirt is so elegant and I adore the green and white striped top. Can't wait to hear what bargains you bagged.

  2. Hi there-happy helping at the thrift store, the striped top sure looks so stylish! Have a great weekend my dear!

  3. You look fabulous in that striped T.
    And that labyrinth picture is so beautiful, interesting design and it seems a peaceful place.

    Hope you'll have a fabulous weekend, dear


  4. You look very spiffy in your stripes today.

  5. Hi Rebecca...Is the thrift store you volunteer at connected with a church? Just curious. I really enjoy going to thrift stores. Sincerely, Susan

  6. This one benefits a hospital - in a small town nearby (Hicksville OH)

  7. i enjoy reading your blogs...u look cool in your stripes..

  8. I love your look but I especially love that black/white plate!


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