Perhaps the "crown" of my thrifting yesterday was this black leather skirt.  It was XS, but with the stretch in the waist it fits me like a glove!  Like the other skirts on the rack, it was $2!  This is the label.  I'll do a little more checking when I finish this post.

Fifty cents bought me this tiny Brother typewriter.  I need to find new ribbon for it.  The $5 model (I think it was a Remington) was no longer there.  I should have bought it when I saw it!
At another store, I purchased this Alexandra Stoddard book for fifty cents.  I already own a copy, but  I buy extras to give as gifts.  Her books are among my favorite lifestyle books.  She lives a simple and elegant life and writes in a charming and inspiring manner.


  1. Boy you got some deals. I also love Alexandra Stoddard. Have read a few of her books from the library when I can find them. She has inspired me with her writing and her style of living.

    Have a lovely weekend Rebecca.


  2. Rebecca! Alexandra Stoddard is the BEST! Did you know she's one of my life mentors? I have approximately 22 of her 30 some books. I always buy extras to give as gifts! Do you remember my blog on my trip to Stonington? I walked right in front of her house but she was on a trip to Europe so she wasn't there. It was so thrilling! I adore her grace notes and all of her writing. Alexandra rocks! Her website is super too, don't you think? She's a very colorful lady. So happy to read you like her, too! Sincerely, Susan from

  3. Fab finds, I bet the skirt will look lovely on!

  4. I once had a collection of Alexandra Stoddard books. Good reading.

  5. I have never read any of her books, but I'll look them up.

    Great find on the skirt.

  6. The skirt! Oh my yes that's a winner. I almost get discouraged when I read of your finds tho. Even the rattiest paperback in the thrifts here goes for $1.25 and hardbound books are in the range of $1.99 to $3.99. Sigh.


  7. Maybe I shouldn't mention what I pay for things, Darla. A few of the thrift stores are too rich for my blood. I hope my favorites don't raise their prices. I KNOW I'm spoiled.

  8. I met Alexandra years ago and she was just lovely in person. She truly knows how to celebrate the beauty in life.

    You found some amazing things. Gosh, I love thrifting!!!


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