Water Under the Bridge

So much "water under the bridge" that I didn't realize I'd worn this top in the last photo I posted!  Oh, well...Today I'm pairing it with capri pants.  Seems the right thing to do to welcome the 70 degree temperatures that are predicted for today.

After purchasing this denim belt for a quarter a week or so ago, I realized that it doesn't have the "catchy thing" for the end of the belt...SOOOOOOO I'm wearing this fancy brooch to fasten the belt tip!

Speaking of water under the bridge...except for photographs, these painted stones are the only tangible evidence I've discovered so far to document the wonderful experience of entertaining two of our grandchildren for the last several days.  Memories of their imaginative and creative play will bring me pleasure long into the future!


  1. Nice souvenirs of the visit from grandkids, Rebecca. Precious. Sincerely, Susan

  2. What sweet makes! 70 degrees? We've got snow here!
    Glad you all had fun, love the bright green on you..one of my favourite colours!

  3. Oh I just love your belt!!!!!
    And that's a great idea the way you fasten it. Seems a nice detail :)


  4. Hi Rebecca, we have been enjoying beautiful 80 degree weather and then all of a sudden the temps plummeted 20 degrees today and we are expective rain.

    I love the blue and green combination.



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