Sunny Third Thursday of March

The value of a photo:  I can see I need textured (or at least colored) tights....and though the necklace appeared OK in the mirror, it doesn't really look right with the entire outfit.   Up the steps I go to see how I can salvage this.  If I have time,  I'll take another picture.

I AM satisfied wearing the brown suede shirt with denim collar as a jacket, belted by the multicolored belt.  The brown leather on the tips of the belt called for the brown shoes I'm wearing.

All items visible to the eye are thrifted.

See what I mean about the necklace?  It's not so bad with the belt, but not right with the denim collar...


  1. I adore that jacket on you, Rebecca. It's a fantistic fit and I love how you've belted it. A pop of turquoise coloured tights would be fabulous.

  2. You are absolutely right about it all. The shirt/jacket goes well with the belt and the necklace should work.Maybe if the shirt inside didn't have a print?
    Love the all concept, though.

  3. I think the necklace is not too bad - but maybe a richer colour to pick out one of the colours in the belt, like a red?

    The belt over that shirt is insanely cute. Brava!


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