Sunday Already!

The dress - a sleeveless dress given to me by a friend last summer
The jacket - thrifted, black velvet

I've belted the dress & am wearing silver drop earrings.  Hope I stay warm enough today.

The temperature has dropped considerably.  I'll be teaching a women's Sunday School class, resting a bit, then preparing our home for company tonight.  We'll celebrate a friend's birthday.


  1. Have a blessed Sunday, Rebecca. You look very nice. Temps are supposed to drop here, too. Better go close the bedroom window. Take care. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Rebecca, your outfit is so pretty, and please tell me where that five pounds that you have to lose is hidden. LOl You look great!!!!
    It seems you have a wonderful day planned, so enjoy.

  3. Hi Rebecca!

    That dress is beautiful, and it looks great with the shorter jacket. I ask the same question as the previous visitor: "Where ARE you HIDING those 5 pounds?"

    Happy Spring!


  4. You look beautiful, Rebecca! Have a lovely Sunday. Our weather has taken a turn for the better, a lovely spring-like day here in the UK.

  5. Hi Rebecca, after a few warm summer like days, it has cooled down here as well. You look perfect for your day's activities today. Have fun tonight!


  6. What a lovely and nice floral dress, you look really wonderful with the combo. Floral dresses always remind Spring... but not here that our first spring day seemed a worst winter one :-(

    I think I've missed something about your weight for the comments above, but I have to ask you the same... My dear where are you hidding those 5 pounds???? You've such a great figure!!!!!!
    I envy it (in a good way of course).


  7. Re. the 5 pounds - I confess. I had gotten down to 139 & have gained 5-6 pounds. I want to stay at 140 or below. I am 5'5". I think the photos slim me down some. It's the angle. Thanks for your support and kind comments.

    JEAN, if you're reading this, I can't access your profile to visit your blog! Can you (or anyone else) help me out????


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