Need some spring cleaning/closet organization motivation? I've found it! Maybe I'll be posting pictures of my own soon. But in the meantime, I'm suggesting you go see THIS one. I think Shelley has done a FANTASTIC job of organizing, decorating, and photographing hers!  THIS picture is NOT Shelley's closet, by the way!

After our taxes are done (one of this week's projects) and sun-porch cleaned off in preparation for our little granddaughter's visit later this week, I just MAY tackle the closet.  It is definitely time for a little closet therapy at my house!

Meanwhile, do you have any closet tricks to share?


  1. JEAN, if you happen to come here to comment, would you get in touch we me re. the location of your blog? For some reason, I can't reach it by clicking on your name or picture in the comment section....

  2. Hey Rebecca,

    Thanks for the nice comment and shout out! Now I'm off to go check out your outfits - what a cool blog you have here!

  3. Oh dear, I so need some motivation... I need to do my spring closet organization but I don't feel energy... anyway spring here is just in theory because it's raining and it's cold....


  4. Hi Rebecca...My closets need streamlining and I have a TERRIBLE time getting rid of things in there. All suggestions welcome. Sincerely, Susan

  5. A friend of mine is crocheting covers on wooden hangers, now that's organized. Me? I just shove things each side and keep wearing what's in the middle. Isn't that what most people do?


  6. My wardrobe is a nightmare, I can barely close it! I think that's the trouble with us thrifty types, we just keep buying until there's no room left !


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