Saving Daylight

It's still dark outside!  I'm an early morning person, so I'm not so excited about "springing forward" last night.  I've turned up all the inside lights to try to get a picture of my outfit.  Above, I'm trying to show my rhinestone necklace and brooch.  Below is a blurry photo of the whole outfit.  Everything is thrifted.
Yesterday's treasure?  This huge floral oil painting!  One of the two thrift stores I frequent most often opened its basement to the public this week.  Boxes upon boxes were piled high!.  I didn't have time to dig as I wanted. It's probably better that way.  I was thrilled to bring this painting home.


  1. What a beautiful painting, great find.
    I love the jacket you're wearing and that cobalt blue looks fabulous underneath.

  2. Hi Rebecca...Loved the painting! Also, you look very nice today! Sincerely, Susan

  3. Thanks, Vix & Susan! Glad you checked in today!

  4. that's a beautiful floral painting. Your clothes doesn't look thrifted. Love your thrift finds


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