"What a Rare Mood I'm In...."

I can tell!  It's going to be a beautiful day!  I have ensemble practice this morning for Easter music at our church.  This afternoon we'll be taking a couple of friends out to eat at a Chinese buffet.

I decided to wear my denim capris with the long-sleeved tan top, a stretch belt with brown leather and bronze buckle, and a necklace composed of red, gold, amber, and ivory colored beads.

It makes me happy that all items were thrifted at one time or another.  The total (including shoes) would not have been more than $6.

In between activities, I hope to take in a few sessions of the "Webinar" I'm attending this week....


  1. You look fantastic!!! I can tell, too...it's gonna be a good day!! Many blessings to you, my blogging friend!!!

  2. Fabulous as always! It's amazing to think the entire outfit cost around $6. I love totting up the cost of my outfits, I can't bear to pay full price for anything.

  3. What is a Webinar?

    Like your new template.

  4. Hi Rebecca, what webinar are you attending?

    As usual you rock what you are wearing. I love capris in fact I pretty much live in them. I have a few in denim and a couple others in cotton.

    I love the way the look of your blog keeps evolving!

    Have a great week, Bonnie

  5. Any day that includes thrifting or thrifted finds is a good day in my book. You look lovely in this outfit, as usual!


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