Brooches Rock!

 Tuesday at our No-Longer-Red-Hats luncheon, we had a jewelry exchange.  I came home with matching brooches. They are large and colorful.  Today I'm wearing them on my black denim vest...which I'm wearing with a long denim skirt, white blouse and black belt!   I think these brooches ROCK!

brooch  (brch, brch) also broach (brch) n.

A relatively large decorative pin or clasp.


  1. I agree with you, they most certainly do rock! I love the way you've arranged them on the vest, really fabulous idea.
    Thanks for popping over and well done on your award. I love finding fellow thrifty and stylish ladies so I'm going to follow you.

  2. I just found you via Linda. Oh, a lady after my own heart. What fun....what dellight. I have little drawers filled with brooches, I have an intire closet filled with thrift store stuff. I'm fat and grey, but dashing in my wonderful wardrobe. I'll be back often. :)

  3. I really need to get some brooches. They do indeed ROCK!

    Thanks for al your sweet comments. Missed your pic today!

  4. Hi Rebecca! I think a jewelry exchange is such a great idea. Love brooches, too! Sincerely, Susan

  5. Tell us more about your No-Longer-Red-Hats group. My favorite jewelry item is always a brooch. Lovely.

  6. I don't have many brooches, but I definitely need new one. Yours definitely rock!
    By the way, it's my first time here, your blog is fantastic!

  7. I agree, these are just fabulous!!

  8. they sure do rock..lovely brooches

  9. Vix, Maggie, Zsoofi, Sak - It's nice to meet you all! Thanks for visiting and leaving such supportive comments. I hope to see more of each of you - as well as my friends, Sharon, Susan, Ms. Pants, and Linda.

  10. OMG I love them Rebecca!! Those are beautiful.
    They remind me one my Mother had...

    Yes, they rock :)


  11. Hi Rebecca, I happen to adore brooches and collect them. I think a jewelry exchange is a fab idea!

  12. How does a jewelry exchange work?
    Sounds so interesting and fun.
    I love ALL kinds of jewelry...the design and the shimmer!


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