Thanks, Sharon  (of My Style - Thrifting, Fashion and Me). I needed that!  The past TWO mornings, schools in our area have been delayed because of fog.  This morning, rain is falling.  BUT the temperature is quite mild.  Soon...
sunshine! I generally consider my blogs to be "award-free sites", but I'm making an exception today.

Casual white blouse
Black skirt
Black sparkly belt
Black jet necklace

...and in honor of Sharon, some Fashion Bags of my own...both  thrifted at $1.00 days. The billfold was $.50.  I was desperately in need of a new one!
In my everyday bag (not shown here), besides billfold, brush, keys, lipstick and mascara, you'd find a set of tiny magnetic dogs (children's toy); small magnifying glass, magnet and tape measure for treasure hunting; one-too-many pens or other writing tools; my date book and a cloth handkerchief.  (I won't pretend that there probably is other stuff that I've forgotten hanging around the bottom of the bag as well.)


  1. Hi there!! Thanks for the lovely comment you left and you so deserve the award-a good coincidence to give you the bag tag to show off your latest stylish bag finds too!

  2. Hi there - I've just found you via Sharon at My Style-Thrifting

  3. Clicked over here after your kind comment. I agree about connecting to other sisters via blogging. I have met so many sweet devoted Christian sisters because of my blog. Thanks so much for visiting. And we are definitely birds of a feather thrift-shopping sisters!!!! Yes!
    God bless.

  4. Congratulations on the award. Sharon is just a sweetie.
    Very nice bags...


  5. Hooray! Isn't it about time for spring (or even mild temperatures) already? Congratulations on the blog award!

    I love your sweet white handbag. $1, really? Wow!


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