Confidently Clothed

I can't help myself.  Denim and black are essential and basic in my wardrobe!  It doesn't matter the season--I feel confidently clothed when I choose denim.

This is the longest of my long skirts.  I feel slim and stylish when I wear it.  Even if the length is not fashionable, I wear it happily.

The black denim vest is a carry-over from yesterday.  All items have been thrifted, including the pink belt with silver buckle.  It doesn't show up well on the picture, but adds a bit of color to the otherwise darkness of the outfit.


  1. I am wearing denim and black today too. Great minds think alike!

  2. Hi Rebecca....I can see why you feel slim and sylish in this outfit. It's because, well, because you ARE! Sincerely, Susan from

  3. Hi there-LOL, I must admit I feel really self confident in denim and black too, you look great here my dear!!

  4. The outfit really suits you. I wear a lot of black but not so much denim. Somehow denim usually feels too stiff for me. I have a few pieces - not many.


  5. Rebecca, You inspire me, you really look great!I too love denim.


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